Keeping Your Teeth White

Everyone wants a bright smile filled with pearly whites that dazzle. However, most aren’t really aware of how easy it really is to actually get your teeth looking their whitest and keep them that way. As your Brooklyn cosmetic dentist we have listed a few tips for maintaining a bright smile.

Brush Regularly
This may seem like it goes without saying, but it’s important not to underemphasize the importance of brushing when it comes to keeping your teeth white. Regular brushing helps to rid your teeth of debris and build-up before it has a chance to set in and stain your enamel. For best results, brush immediately after every meal whenever possible.

Avoid Dark Drinks
Some of the most common culprits when it comes to yellow teeth or dingy smiles are the dark-colored beverages many of us enjoy on a daily or near-daily basis. Beware of coffee, tea, cola, wine, or juice. They can definitely keep your smile from reaching its full sparkle potential. If you do consume these beverages, try to brush or rinse your mouth as soon as possible after consumption.

Avoid Tobacco
Smoking is terrible for you anyway, but here’s yet another reason to quit. Tobacco means bad news for your smile! It can easily and quickly stain your teeth yellow and undo all the effort you put into keeping them white and fabulous. Plus, cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco all increase your risk of developing mouth, throat, or gum cancer at some point in the future.

Following even a few simple daily directives can really help when it comes to helping your smile be all it can be. Try including some of these excellent habits as part of your daily routine and see what a difference it makes for your teeth.

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