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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry in Brooklyn NYThe emergence of laser dentistry completely changed the dental landscape. In the past, many procedures that today can be handled by surgical or non-surgical laser had to be done by drill or other invasive methods. This caused a lot of pain to the patient as well as discomfort and required more healing time.

Laser dentistry solves many of these problems. Here at Luxury Dental, we’ve positioned ourselves at the forefront of this game changing technology. Dr. Vadim Firdman, DDS, is an Associate Fellow of World Clinical Laser Institute, meaning he knows and understands the ins and ours of laser dentistry and continues to educate himself on advancements in the field.

The Many Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Here are just some of the many benefits of laser dentistry.

No drilling. One of the biggest complaints people have with traditional dental procedures is pain and fear of pain. With laser dentistry this is completely removed from the equation. Instead of invasive and painful drilling procedures, precise and painless laser procedures can be used both surgically and non-surgically.

No smell. Another common complaint people have are the strange smells associated with common dental procedures. Again, laser technology allows us to create the same results for you, without having to use those smell producing chemicals.

No anesthesia. Hate that feeling of numbness in your mouth? Instead of having to anesthetize your mouth to prevent you from feeling pain, you can go anesthesia-free with laser treatments.

More precise. One side effect of using drills is that it can cause tiny cracks in your teeth. White these cracks are completely invisible unless under a microscope, they can still damage your overall dental health. Laser treatments prevent this from happening.

Faster recovery time. An invasive dental procedure usually requires quite a bit of recovery time. By contrast, laser procedures are completed quickly and patients can recover from them very quickly.

Minimal gum damage. Laser procedures get right to the spot that the procedure is targeting, with minimal damage to the surrounding gums. This is especially important in gum treatments, but has a big positive impact on other procedures as well.

Less anxiety.
All this adds up to an anxiety free, simple and easy dental experience.

What Kinds of Laser Dentistry Procedures Do We Perform in our Offices?

Typical laser dentistry procedures include:

Gum disease. Gum disease is a common ailment that occurs when the body’s defense systems are week or bacteria manage to infect the gums. Laser technology can be used to remove unhealthy gum tissue and clear away bacteria, without causing damage to the healthy gums.

Tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when acids produced by natural bacteria in your mouth eat away at your tooth enamel, a process known as demineralization. This is caused by excessive carbohydrate intake, especially sweets and can be worsened by poor dental care. Lasers can be used to remove the decaying parts of the tooth. After removal, a protective filling is placed where the tooth was decaying to prevent further decay. This process is much more precise and painless than using a drill.

Regeneration. Lasers can stimulate the bone regeneration.

Other uses. There are many other surgical and non-surgical uses for lasers. They can be used to reshape gum and bones. Laser assisted uvula palatoplasty can be used to help treat sleep apnea. It can be used to help reduce inflammation and help heal cold sores. The list of potential uses is nearly endless.

One of the most important aspects of getting great laser dentistry done is finding a top notch dentist. Though many dentists offer laser treatments, few have extensive real world experience as well as the accreditation to back up that expertise. When your dental health is at stake, you want to work with the best of the best.

Dr. Vadim Firdman has over 18 years of experience on the job and has performed countless surgical and non-surgical laser procedures. If you’re looking for the best laser dentistry possible, look no further than Luxury Dental P.C., call us today.